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  • 9th October 2015
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Taking good care of your mouth, teeth and gums should be a priority in every persons life. The obvious gains of a healthy mouth are the prevention of bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease but the less obvious affects a healthy mouth could have on your health as a whole is a lot more significant than you would think. Researches are discovering more and more reasons each year to brush, floss and use mouth was daily. A healthy mouth can protect you from all sorts of medical disorders. These can include:
• Heart attacks
• Strokes
• Poorly controlled Diabetes
And preterm labour. It is becoming increasingly important to know the effects of oral hygiene and how important it is.

The inside of your mouth holds many answers to questions about your over all health. From one swab of saliva, a doctor can tell all of the things that are going on in your body. Your DNA is in your mouth. Your mouth is a biological window into everything else that is happening inside your body. It can serve as a vantage point in finding out problems early on and can help detect systemic disease which doesn’t just affect one part of your body but you whole body. For example, AIDS and diabetes are two major does eases that first become apparent in the mouth, they can be shown as lesions or other oral problems. In fact, according to Dentist experts more than 90% of systemic diseases first become apparent in the mouth.

There are plenty of common oral infections that can occur which proves that you must be extra careful when it comes to looking after your mouth. Studies show that only 47% of people go their lifetime without having some sort of oral infection. This means that over half of the population will suffer from one at some point in their life.

Taking care of your mouth will also prolong the wear of your teeth. If you don’t fancy losing your teeth during old age, then look after your smile. It’s the first thing people see after all! It is completely in control how you treat your mouth, you can choose to keep it in good health or not.

Your saliva helps forget you from bacterial infections by destroying unwanted bacteria using enzymes. It is vital that you keep these protection systems running smooth. They are the little things you go every day without noticing but they play a vital role in your health. The more you know about your oral health the better.

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