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The Freespire Vision is basically the “constitution” for the Freespire Project, and serves as the primary driver for the direction of the project. The Freespire project leadership and community ultimately answer to these governing objectives. Any changes to the Freespire Vision must be ratified by a two thirds majority of the Leadership Board. Because the Freespire Vision is the flight plan for the project, it is important that people read and understand this vision before making a decision about participating in leadership or community roles. In other words, if someone doesn’t believe in the vision of Freespire, they will probably not be happy with the direction they see the project take.

The Freespire Vision

1. Serve as Baseline for Linspire

Freespire was started by Linspire, which serves as the project maintainer and lead sponsor, with the main objective for Freespire being to serve as a baseline for the Linspire operating system. Freespire will not fall far from the Linspire tree, and visa versa. Freespire is the free edition of the Linspire operating system.

2. Freedom of choice

Freespire believes that each individual should be free to choose what software is installed on their computer. Freespire will provide a “free marketplace” for any and all Linux software, including proprietary, open source, free, and commercial products. As with any free market, all vendors are “free” to participate and offer their wares, and the buyer is “free” to choose from the different wares without limitations or restrictions on their choice. Freespire uses the CNR Warehouse as this marketplace (accessible through either the CNR client or apt-get), where users will find both free open source applications, as well as commercial proprietary offerings. Freespire’s mission is to simply provide this marketplace, and let both independent and commercial vendors place their software products in the CNR Warehouse, and then let each individual user choose what software to install on their system, either using CNR or apt-get.

3. Easy yet powerful

Freespire believes technology does not need to be complicated to be powerful. Freespire strives through new and innovative thinking to find ways to keep the operating system secure, stable and powerful for developers and sophisticated Linux devotees, yet easy enough for someone new to Linux. CNR is just one example of how Freespire strives to make Linux easier and more powerful. The easier an operating system’s features are to use, the more power the user has. Hence, an easy-to-use operating system is an empowering (powerful) one.

4. Exceptional “Fit and Finish”

Freespire doesn’t believe that open source software can’t look and feel professional and polished. Firefox and OpenOffice.org are excellent examples of free open source, community-supported software that are also polished and “finished” to a level for broad consumption. Freespire aims for a high level of usability, striving for a clean, professional “fit and finish” to the operating system and applications. We strive to not just begin innovative ideas, but to finish them, so that the features that are added to Freespire are approachable by all.

5. Desktop Linux for the masses

The Freespire community believes that desktop Linux can evolve to a platform that can be adopted widely by the masses. Freespire works towards this end, listening to the needs of the broader market and incorporating their ideas, be that directly into Freespire or into other commercial versions of Linux born out of Freespire such as Linspire. Even though Freespire may evolve over time for use on servers, it’s initial focus will be for desktop and laptop use. The needs of desktop users is very different than those running servers, and Freespire is optimized for the needs of desktop users.

6. Community Influenced

Freespire has an active forum where anyone can express opinions and provide input. The Freespire website will provide information on how others may participate.

7. Freespire is a Good Citizen of the Broader Linux and Open Source, Free Software Community

Freespire strives to expand their successes and achievements beyond just Freespire, but to the broader free software and Linux ecosystem. Freespire does this by respecting the upstream, and creates tools which make contributing back to the bigger community possible. In time, Freespire would also like to see the CNR system expanded to other Linux distributions, and this goal is a key part to the Freespire vision.


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