Freespire is a community-involved project. We invite you to get involved and help the Freespire project in whatever way suits your time and talents. Everyone is welcome to participate, whether doing development work, helping with translations, providing graphics or help documentation, supporting other users, or simply spreading the word about Freespire.
Helpful Links and Community Resources:

  • Freespire Project Vision Statement
  • Freespire Organization & Leadership
    • Leadership Board
    • Technology Board
    • Community Board
    • Linspire’s role in the Freespire project
  • Freespire Project Roadmap Home
    • Roadmap
    • Understanding Freespire Version Naming
    • Release Notes
    • Bugs!
  • Freespire Community
    • Freespire Forum
    • Community Code of Conduct
    • Forum Code of Conduct
    • Community Sites
Contributions are the lifeblood of any community – without them a community cannot grow and thrive. There are almost limitless ways in which you can contribute to the Freespire project. In addition to the other areas in the Wiki, please review the following list and see if something interests you.
Contribution areas of interest:

  • IRMA (Internationalization)
    • Translate wiki pages into other Languages
  • Tutorials
  • Test Freespire and Report bugs
  • Develop patches and packages
  • Artwork
    • Screenshots
    • Wallpapers
    • UserBars
    • Fan Art
  • Presentations
  • Open Source Projects
  • Hardware Compatibility List
  • Ideas (suggestions)
Documentation is the backbone of any project, be it proprietary or open-source. Our goal is to provide both developers and users who are new to the Freespire project a wealth of documentation so that they can find their place in the community and begin to grow along with it.
Documentation areas of interest:

  • Developer Focused
    • Packaging
    • Hacking on the OS
    • Hacking the Kernel
    • Using the development toolset
    • Report an issue
    • Release Notes
    • Licensing and Trademarks
  • User Focused
    • Freespire User Manual
    • Screenshots
    • Installing Freespire
    • Using CNR
    • Using Apt
    • Other Installation Methods
    • Documentation for individual packages
    • Configuring your desktop
    • Hints & Tips
    • FAQs
News & Events
This section of the Wiki is dedicated to advertising all Freespire community news and events so that each member of the community can have an opportunity to get involved and become familiar with other members of the community and the Freespire leadership.
News and Events areas of interest:

  • In the News – Links to articles and discussion on Freespire
  • Events
    • Upcoming Freespire Events
    • Upcoming User Events
    • Upcoming Developer Events