The Freespire Community – Get involved!

On April 24, 2006, Kevin Carmony the President and CEO of Linspire announced the official beginning of the Freespire project. Freespire is a community-influenced project that aims to offer a polished, easy to use Debian-based, open-sourced, Linux operating system to both users and developers. We invite you to get involved and help the Freespire project in whatever way suits your time and talents. Everyone is welcome to participate, whether doing development work, helping with translations, providing graphics or help documentation, supporting other users, or simply spreading the word about Freespire.

Join the Freespire Community

Become a member of the Freespire community today. Register on the forums, and you can participate in the forum discussions and contribute to the documentation on this wiki.

Freespire Community Content

There are many avenues for disseminating information supporting the Freespire Community. This wiki, the Freespire User and Developer Discussion Lists, the Community Forums and the Freespire IRC channel.

Mailing Lists

Be notified of important Freespire announcements by joining a mailing list, including being notified the moment the first beta of Freespire is available for download. Freespire also hosts an interactive mailing list for user and developer discussions. Sign up now to get involved in the discussions or to just be notified when there is a new announcement.

Community Forum

Visit the Freespire Community Forum to discuss the Freespire project and share your thoughts and ideas with others on the evolving projects. Your input is critical to the success of this project so please lend your thoughts and ideas and help us make the project that much better for everyone.

Help Squash Bugs!

Here you can view known bugs, the status of those bugs, and report any new bugs you find in Freespire..

Freespire Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

IRC Chat provides real-time discussions and problem solving. Freespire will be using the IRC servers to support real-time chat. Freespire IRC has instructions how to join an IRC channel and room.

Community Leadership

Every organization or community needs strong and active leadership to function effectively. Visit the Community Leadership page for more information on how the Freespire project is organized and learn how individuals can get involved on one of the community’s leadership boards.

Freespire Project Roadmap

The Freespire Project Roadmap contains the OS project feature list for each upcoming build version over the next 12 months. Look here to see what exciting development efforts are under way for the next release.

Freespire Project Vision Statement

The Freespire Vision is made up of six key elements that stand as the governing motivators for this project. To learn more, please go to the Freespire Vision page.

Community Sites

Visit sites created by members of the Freespire Community.